3 Ways to Connect with Your Spouse Using The Internet

couple connecting online

It seems that in today’s world, technology really has a way of coming between a husband and wife. With divorce numbers on the rise, and Facebook being named as one of the reasons, perhaps we can dig deeper into the issue and hopefully find some solutions. If it’s true that social media can break or make a marriage, let’s get creative and use it for the latter.

One: Try to be as open with your spouse as you possibly can. Share your log-in and password info with your spouse. As long as you have nothing to hide, you will be okay in doing so. Each of you should always have the opportunity to view contacts, texts, emails and other messages that you send and receive. Remember: this is your spouse we’re talking about, so none of these things should be considered an invasion of privacy.

Two: Yes, for some of us, it’s annoying when our spouse “friends” someone on Facebook they work with; whom you don’t even know personally.  The disadvantage is that this opens up a line of communication between them, which they wouldn’t otherwise have. The advantage is, that it also gives you as the spouse a chance to be seen and talked about, which wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise been there either. For example, it’s kind of funny when a picture of you holding your baby pops up in their newsfeed simply because you “tagged” your spouse.  While spending time together at home, although the two of you may feel that you are united, you need to show unity. “Liking” and “commenting” on one another’s posts and appearing in photos together can sometimes act as boundaries protecting the two of you possibly warding off a potential predator.

Three: It’s nice to be noticed. Give your spouse some recognition online. Whether it’s a mention on Twitter or just bragging on how lucky you are to be married to them, try to use some hash tags that show love and appreciation. Most of all, it’s worth spending all the extra time you have building your bond offline.  The more the two of you feel connected, you may realize it’s really not important to be “liked” by strangers from your job and you might think twice before adding certain people to your circles.


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