Marriage Tip – Choosing Friends

One of the ways you can keep your marriage healthy is to be more intentional when choosing
friends. Your spouse really should be your number one companion and friend. That’s
what marriage is for. But it’s nice to stay social and if you can find mutual friends,
particularly other married couples who have similar values, you’ll have a happier marriage.
However, when you have friends whom your spouse doesn’t know, it can create insecurities
It could be perhaps, that some friends don’t share the same values, and your spouse worries
that you could be influenced negatively. Or,if you have friends of the opposite sex, it
can make your spouse feel left out and inadequate and yes, I’ve experienced those exact same
feelings. but once we learn that our spouse is the number one person we should confide
in, it opens the floodgates for communication in all aspects of marriage. one more thing,
I promise I’ll leave you alone after this one, all of this is common knowledge but if
you make it common practice you’ll be happier.