Our Wedding Wasn’t Perfect Like The One Pictured Above

Our wedding wasn’t perfect like the one pictured above

When I look at the pictures that were taken on our wedding day, the thing which I find most noticeable, is how young my husband and I looked. It’s funny that I don’t really make a big deal out of all the other things that happened throughout the course of that day, or that week. Our wedding wasn’t perfect like the one pictured above. Pesa and I had already been together for four years, had a baby, and bought our first home together. I waited and waited, wondering: when will he finally propose? It’s not about where you started, it’s where you’re going. Needless to say, our wedding wasn’t perfect, like the one pictured above. In fact, it was nothing even remotely like the one in the picture. To start with, I wanted a simple church wedding. My hubby wasn’t thrilled with that idea, because we weren’t members of any church.

Our compromise was a Las Vegas wedding. We flew from where we lived (in Massachusetts) to Nevada. At the time, my step-daughter was six years old, and our baby girl was about to turn two. The flight was so long that I became very sick, and couldn’t wait to sleep, once we arrived at the hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel, we discovered that our rooms were actually located behind the main building, and were quite dingy – to say the least. Finally, we were able to upgrade to the “tower” rooms after moving all of our luggage and being charged an arm and leg. My parents, younger brother, as well as two of our friends – also flew out for the wedding. The next day, Pesa and I took a bus with our kids through the Las Vegas strip, all the way to city hall, so that we could get our marriage license. Aside from the temperature being 110 degrees fahrenheit and not being familiar with the city, advertisements with half naked women all over the place wasn’t the best case scenario either. Eventually after a lot of walking, and taking sips of water from a drinking fountain, we got what we needed, and took the next bus back towards the hotel.

The next day, which happened to be a Tuesday, was our wedding day. Our family and friends were staying on totally different floors of the hotel than we were. Which basically meant that my wedding coordinating involved a lot of elevator travel as I made sure everyone was getting ready. Fortunately for me, my hubby volunteered to do all of the ironing of everyone’s clothes because the suitcases made it all wrinkle. I received a phone call from the wedding chapel, letting me know that our limo was on the way to pick us up. According to the plan, we were to meet up in the lobby downstairs prior to the limousine’s arrival, but we ended up rushing downstairs immediately after the phone call instead. Our driver carefully instructed everyone to get in and have a seat, so that I, the bride, could be the last to enter – not having my dress stepped on. And away we went!

After being mesmerized by the limo and enjoying the air conditioning, we arrived at the chapel. Nearly melting as we walked in 115 degree sunshine up to the entrance, I began to worry, how will I appear in the photos with a bright red face? The theme that I had chosen for our wedding was an outdoor garden, located behind the chapel. Our videographer took Pesa, my dad, and I to the “Elvis room” to explain how we would be walking down the aisle, and meeting at the alter. Again, it was back outside to the sweltering heat for the ceremony. At least I could be thankful for the fact that I wore a strapless gown, rather than a suit and tie like the fellows. Our two year old wouldn’t stop crying, so my dad walked down the aisle with me and the fussy baby. As my husband and I exchanged our vows, she cried nonstop. After the ceremony, the limo driver dropped us off at the hotel. As a group, we ate dinner at the hotel buffett, and the rest is history. Was it perfect? No. Fortunately, it’s really not about where you started, it’s about where you’re going.

I’m so glad I decided to write this article. Remembering all of these funny things that occurred, completely made my month. It was a very special time for my husband and I both. When I look at the pictures, I smile. When I think about how long ago it was, but how clearly I can see it all as though it happened yesterday, I laugh. Especially, knowing that I’ve enjoyed every step along the way shows how important it is not to take yourself, or anything for that matter, too serious. My wedding day was truly special, and I cherish all of the memories.

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