Powerful signs of love

Here are some powerful signs of love.

Encouraging your spouse in ways that show you are passionate about their
well-being and you want them to flourish. Always seek ways to help them
develop gifts and to pursue goals that will help them grow. And they will
thrive BECAUSE you provided an environment which was favorable for them to
do so.

Another huge expression of love, is the willingness to stop doing something
that hurts or upsets your spouse. Making a commitment to change attitudes or
behaviors takes effort and it shows just how much you care, and if it makes
them feel more secure in your love. then it’s worth it.

I think one of the best ways to show love is through respect. And I’m talking
about real respect, the kind that can only be given to and from the person you
signed up to love for the rest of your life. I’m not talking about some superficial
admiration- that’s something that can be given to and from an acquaintance,
or a co-worker. What I mean is, you serve your spouse by letting them be assured
that you will always speak up for them, and show loyalty to them- above other
relatives and especially above friends.