Three Tips to a Stronger Marriage, One Day at a Time

Three tips to connect, one day at a time

Are you tired of feeling lonely? Have you lost the spark in your marriage, but still remember how great things used to be? If you find yourself longing for things to be the way they were in the beginning, there’s a lot more hope than you might think. By putting a little extra time and thought into building a your relationship, you will begin to see the difference. Your marriage won’t be transformed instantly, but here are three tips to a stronger marriage, one day at a time.

Choose a path.

    Every action we take, or choose not to take, puts us on a path. The same goes for our beliefs. All of the thoughts we think about, are actually seeds that we plant, and can eventually lead to a philosophy we keep. Knowing that you want to stay married, puts you on a path in life that is much different than those who haven’t given it much thought, and those who believe that divorce is an option. Let your spouse know, and let them know often, that you will love them for the rest of your life, and determined not to quit. Making the decision to stay married is the first step. Being willing to continue, taking one day at a time with your spouse through the ups and downs is what will ultimately help you reach your desired destination.

Change your attitude.

Having a positive outlook not only has the power to help you enjoy life more, but can also make marriage a lot easier. Get into the habit of telling your spouse something uplifting. Give compliments freely, and let them know how glad you are that you married them. Additionally, learning to react to situations and comments with an objective view will help you take things less personally. A continuous negative attitude carries a “woe is me” feeling which makes you easily offended, and everyone around you miserable – especially your spouse

Stop taking advice from single/divorced people.

Seek information that will help you achieve and maintain a thriving marriage. Learning should be ongoing. Well meaning co-workers, friends and colleagues are very eager to assist you when you’re going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, their help comes in the form of advice. More often than not, it will leave you feeling confused, and even worse: influenced. Someone who is single, and has yet to attempt marriage, simply does not have the information you’re looking for.  Also, someone who is divorced, is not qualified to teach you the subject that they failed in. They may be able to give you a few examples of what not to do, but their strategy for what to do did not work.

Usually, the difference between success and failure is consistency. The ability to start and continue doing the things that bring you closer and closer as husband and wife will make the difference that your family needs in order to stay strong.

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