Tips for a Lasting Marriage

Here are 3 quick Tips for a Lasting Marriage

#1 “Stay Close” Be intentional about your relationship every day by making an effort to move closer together. Don’t drift apart. Gradually growing apart is what happens when a couple is not proactive in building a strong bond.

#2 “Be Friends” Above everything: be friends. By mutually providing one another support, understanding, respect,attention, caring and concern- along with an intimate connection, you create an amazing friendship. And if the two of you view one another as friends, you’ll have positive feelings and strong admiration for each other.

#3 “Safe Guard” Even if you have a strong bond and even if you don’t have any trust issues, it is still a must to safe guard. Make yourselves aware of boundaries in marriage and what it looks like when they are being crossed. Take notice immediately when you or your spouse start to move closer to someone else. Proximity equals opportunity, so understand what it means to have a close call friendship. One common pitfall for this includes, but is not limited to: opening up unnecessary lines of communication with co-workers and friends whom your spouse does not know, via text, email and of course social media.