Faithfulness in Marriage

Faithfulness in marriage make us lean on each other

I will try to detail what true faithfulness in marriage looks like.
When a couple stays happily married for years and years, there’s a reason for that. And when a couple gets divorced, well, there’s a reason for that too. Whether it’s marriage, or whether it’s Divorce, neither one happens by accident. And what I mean by that, is there’s no such thing as being in love. You choose to love. Being “in love” is a feeling, and that’s all it is. As our moods change, so do our feelings. I had to learn this concept. To really Love my husband, I must stay committed to him for a life time. That is being faithful. True love won’t dissipate like a thunderstorm. There’s no “falling out of love”. If you’re married, you are blessed. If you’re married and you have children, you are blessed and highly favored. The secret to having everything is knowing you already do.

If you’re feeling as though you want a divorce, I’ll give you a tip that helped me. Every time I thought about divorce, I would remind myself,that there is no perfect husband out there for me. The best match is the improved version of myself and my current husband (because of getting help). It was better for me to work on the marriage I already had, instead of day dreaming about a guy who will always be loving and understanding every minute of every day. There is no guy who can do that. If your current spouse is not abusive, and they’re not cheating,I want to encourage you to stay together and work things out.

And that reminds me of a story the pastor at our church told. His father was a pastor at a different church,and there was a young married couple who was having trouble. So,they went through counseling with the pastor.The wife started misbehaving,and she was going out a lot. She began having an affair, and eventually she was openly having the affair. On Friday nights she would do her hair and make-up and walk through the living room past her husband and two little boys, to see her boyfriend. And she had taken her wedding rings off, and put them in a drawer in the bedroom.

On night she did the same, but on night there was a lot of drinking, and she was killed in an accident. So, their pastor did the funeral service and at the end all of the guests lined up to pass by the casket, and then relatives, and her husband held up their two little boys so that they could say goodbye to their mother. A relative walked away with the little boys and so it was just him and the pastor standing in front of the casket. Her husband reached into his pocket and took out her wedding rings and put them onto her finger. And the pastor said if he hadn’t been standing there, he wouldn’t have known he did that.

I think that the husband in that story is showed such a great example of faithfulness in marriage. I was very inspired by his ability to love someone so unlovable, and I hope each of you are too.

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    • Whitney Shayo
    • 08/13/2015

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Me
    • 08/10/2015


    This article has encouraged me, touched me, and reminded me – of what LIFE and marriage were meant to be. I am blessed by it in a myriad of different ways. Thank you for having the gumption and obedience to God to post it.

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